This type of gate has this name because of the type of placement at the time of opening and closing

They consist of several basic elements:

Separate profile strips (lamellae) connected in a single web.
The mechanism that drives the closing surface.
Two guide profiles hold the blade.
A special lever that unlocks the structure in case of power failure.
The shaft on which the cloth is wrapped.

The entire structure has a flexible surface that fits into a small box. Its installation can be carried out in several ways:

with accommodation in the premises;
overhead path in the garage;
Freight correspondence – outside.

Roller and roller structures are made of aluminum and steel. Both categories of gates are equipped with a special system with a mechanical lifting device.

For steel structures the maximum size of the gate is provided: width – up to 7 meters, area not more than 49 m2. The fabric is composed of steel-galvanized profiles with a thickness of up to 0.8 mm. A box for twisting the screen is installed if its area is no more than 11 m2.

In the case of aluminum constructions the maximum permissible dimensions are limited: width up to 6 meters with an area of up to 14 m2. Such doors are made of an aluminum profile: extruded or filled with special foam.

This type of gate is convenient to close large openings when space is needed. They were widely used in garages, warehouses, retail outlets and as partitions in banks and offices.

Roll structures have a number of advantages, which can be expressed in the following:

Compact design when used. During opening and closing, the web does not project beyond the wall, but moves up and down parallel to it.
Easy installation of the structure.
Possibility of automatic gate equipment.
Low costs.
Beautiful appearance.
Reliable protection against dust and foreign noises.
Durability of the use of the structure.

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