Criteria for choosing shoes

When looking at beautiful shoes, this does not mean you will feel comfortable in it. Almost everyone knows this. But only many have a disadvantage for fashion trends. All these settings “from stinkers” like a nice walk in only the woman who wears high heels – bullies. By the way, “preacher” bitchiness under the cover of self-confidence will not pay their practitioners treatment of disturbances in blood circulation, the curvature of the fingers, ingrown nails, hard skin and other unpleasant consequences of wearing tight shoes and high heels.

Draw on their shoes and the men. Neglecting one’s health, even in small things, is full of major problems that can be avoided in advance. So, the right and the main criteria for choosing shoes:

Not crowded, but not too loose.
This is clear: no one is “dangling”, no shakes are required by anyone. The choice of shoes is the most successful – in the morning and at noon. If the shoes at this time of the day usually surround the leg, then it’s worth it to take. Count on the fact that very tight shoes are worn, not worth it. First, not a fact, and secondly, even a short time is not necessary to torture yourself. For stand-alone shoes can also cause discomfort. Particularly good is understood by those who had a “happiness” to drive in the boots a few kilometers away in the army.

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